Sunday, May 20, 2007

Report on the quiz on 13th May

[Posting on behalf of Priyambad]

QM: Nitish

Format: Infinite bounce with two special rounds. (A video written round and a fantastic Stage 2)

Thumbs Up:
· Original questions (Read no repeats)
· Very good mix of World / India questions
· Very workoutable questions
· Sensational Stage 2 (With a very neat theme)
· No LVCs (Long Visual Connects)
· No convoluted connects

Thumbs down:
· The initial few questions were very unsettling
· The pinkie hint for the Stage 2 (;))
· Slightly long but none the less very enjoyable

Memorable cracks: JK's Mandakini crack, The Grapes of Wrath Crack, Deva's meme crack, the googly crack and the Stage 2 crack by Srini

1st: Bhargav, Srini and Rahul
2nd: Priyambad, Akshat and Deepak
3rd: Sohail, Rahul Girish Kumar and A Revanth Reddy.

The quiz saw a neck to neck fight between the team comprising Bhargav, Srini and Rahul and team of Priyambad, Akshat and Deepak till the last round (the stage 2). Srini's Stage 2 crack at a very early stage enabled them to win the quiz in the end. The new team comprising of Sohail, Rahul Girish Kumar and A Revanth Reddy came from behind and finished 3rd with some brilliant cracks.
The quiz had some very good questions asked on Bollywood / Hollywood but still it was a very balanced quiz. The quiz though slightly on the tougher witnessed some superb cracks from almost every team.

The next quiz has been scheduled for the 10th of June and will be done by Mihir.

Questions from this quiz will be posted soon.


Mehar Sridhar said...


is there any way the questions can be posted. I missed the quiz last time, that's why...

Mehar Sridhar

Aravind said...


I would like to present at the quiz on June 10th. The venue is not posted
yet, and there are no contact details.

Please publish the venue on the blog before June 10th.


Nitish said...

Mehar: teasers from the quiz are up as a post.

Aravind: Your wish is our command :)