Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different

It doesn't get bigger than this.

It's almost a year since you first sacrificed "your precious" Sunday morning sleep. We made you skip breakfast, kept you hungry till lunch, made your life miserable by unleashing quizmasters month after month till you couldn't take the humiliation anymore and stopped coming.

Just Kidding.

Our sincere thanks to all the enthusiastic quizzers of the lovely city of Hyderabad, especially the quizmasters who gave us hell with their questions once every month and Odyssey Book Store and Junior Chambers for supporting us throughout the year.

We want you back for an event you never had in Hyderabad till date.

We hereby announce "Sudden Death - HQC's Annual Sports Quiz ", on completing a year of presence, assuring you of blockbuster quizzes in the coming months.

"Sudden Death - HQC Annual Sports Quiz"

Here is your chance to get even with everyone. Beat everyone at your own game. Be Evil. Make a deal with the devil. Mug everything that is even remotely concerned with sports. Everything. Prove who the daddy is when it comes to knowing everything about 'Games that people play'.

Event Details:
  • A written preliminary round will be followed by the grand finale between the top six scorers.
  • Teams of 2 people.
  • On the spot registration
  • Registration fee - Rs 50/- per team
  • No registration fee for school students
Quizmasters: Nitish and Priyambad

Date and Time: 6th April, 10:00 a.m

Venue: Vasavi Hall Auditorium,
1st floor, Opp Sensation Theatre, Khairtabad. (please note that this is not the usual 2nd floor venue)

Directions: From Khairatabad while going towards Lakdi ka Pul, right opposite the Sensation theatre near IIMC


"Sudden Death - HQC Annual Sports Quiz" winner: Pride and gift vouchers worth Rs 1500 from Odyssey Book Stores

1st runner up: Heartburn and gift vouchers worth Rs 1000 from Odyssey Book Stores

2nd runner up: Our sympathies and gift vouchers worth Rs 500 from Odyssey Book Stores

Contact Details:

Nitish: 9885679460

Priyambad: 9948453388

N.B: Due to some restructuring we were unable to do the quizzes for a few months. Now we are back with a line up of some of the best quizzers of India as quizmasters in the months to follow.