Friday, June 29, 2007

Questions from the June Quiz

1. Connect the following - : “The Burial of the Dead”, “A Game of Chess”, “The Fire Sermon”, “Death by Water”, and “What the Thunder Said” ?

A. All parts of T.S. Eliot's " Wasteland"

2. His invention was subtitled “Ars artium omnium conservatrix” meaning “The Art Preservative of all the Arts”. Who and what invention?

A. Gutenberg and the Printing Press

3. The word is derived from the combination of the Old Norse word for “colour” and the name of a lichen growing in northern Europe. This lichen was used to dye wool and other textiles. This later found use in another specific application. Identify.

A. Litmus ( of Litmus Paper fame)

4. "I am happy to greet the geniuses who made me a born-again writer, having announced my retirement in 1978, I now have six books in the works and two probables, all through …..X"
Arthur C. Clarke made the above remarks on meeting Rubenstein and Barnaby.Identify “X”?

A. The typewriter

5. In the 16th century this word referred to “one taking part in dialectic exercises”. The later version of this word was a combination of the Greek words for “wise” and “foolish”. This was to signify the fact that the subjects have acquired some knowledge but still have a great deal yet to learn. Which word?

A Sophomore

6. This 19th century shop owner in Paris discovered that the timbre of a tone is produced not by the type or material of wall which surrounds a column of air but by the proportion given to that column. Using this basic concept, he came up with an enduring invention which he patented in the year 1846. Who is he and what was his invention?

A. Adolph Sax the inventor of the Saxophone

7. Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party commanded by Alistair Denniston arrived at a housing site owned by property developer Captain Hubert Faulkner in August 1939. The site was originally owned by a wealthy London financier Sir Herbert Samuel Leon. What happened here in the next couple of years proved to be historical. Identify the place and what happened here?

A. Bletchley Park-The Enigma Coding Machine was cracked here during WW2

8. The upper part of this column is so highly finished that it is sometimes mistaken as Bronze. This maybe because of embedded sand or Ferric Oxide. Scientists claim that other factors responsible for its unique properties are a high phosphorous content, excellent forge welding, cinder coating and pancake forging. What?

A. Iron Pillar at Mehrauli

9. Who is this guy?

A. Adi Dassler

10. Band backstage after recording one of the Greatest Live Albums of all time. Name Band and Album

A. The Allman Brothers Band and the album was Live at Filimore East.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Report on the quiz on 10th June

QM: Mihir

Format: Infinite bounce with a special audio round.

Thumbs Up:

• Good crackable questions
• The questions covered a lot of varied topics
• Very good prelims questions
• Good balanced set of questions

Thumbs down:

• A lot of questions on Music (Two on album covers!!)
• Very few questions on India

Memorable questions:
The questions on “Animals”, St. Andrews golf course, Tofu, Drucker, Colaba, litmus and the Dynamos.

1st: Nitish and Ravi
2nd: Chandu and Rajsekhar
3rd: Rachit and Vivek

Nitish and Ravi comfortably won the quiz. A great debut by Chandu and Rajsekhar as the newbie team (no disrespect intended for the team) beat many celebrated teams to come second in turn beating another newbie team comprising Rachit and Vivek to the 3rd position. A majority of questions were crackable and credit goes to the quizmaster for setting a very balanced quiz.

The next quiz has been scheduled for the 22nd of July and will be done by Anil (Irevna).

Questions from this quiz will be posted soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Open Quiz on the 10th of June

A General Quiz open to all members of the public. Note this time the quiz is being organised for teams of 2.

QM: Mihir Jayaraman.

Venue: Vasavi Hall AC Auditorium @ #6-1-91, II Floor, vasavi Seva Kendram, Opp Meera Sensation Theatre, Khairtabad.

Directions to the venue: From Khairatabad while going towards Lakdi ka Pul, right opposite the Sensation theatre near IIMC

Date and Time: 10th June 2007, 10:00 am

Format: The quiz is open to all members of the general public who are interested. This time the quiz is being organised for teams of 2. With the ACE Corporate quiz just a week away, we thought that the teams participating in the ACE corporate quiz could come and prepare for the ACE quiz via this quiz.

Prizes: Gift vouchers from Odyssey Bookstore.

Entry Fee: Rs 25 per person.

Hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Questions from the May Quiz

Q. Kamboja was one of the countries of ancient Indian history. The country is listed as one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas or great nations in ancient Buddhist texts, and was located in the Uttarapatha in extreme north-west of the Indian sub-continent, contiguous to the kingdom of Gandhara. This region was also very famous for its horses. The residents of this country were known by the same name as the country. Supposed to be a peace loving nation, they were constantly harangued by the Muslim invaders and unable to bear this onslaught, the Kamboja race decided to leave the Indian subcontinent forever never to return. What resulted?

A. The Kamboja race migrated towards south east asia and founded the country of Kampuchea( Cambodia)

Q. It is believed that in Medieval France, upon gaining employment a workman would carry his implements in a bag made of sheepskin or leather and carry it to work on the first day. Upon completing the days work, he would deposit this bag with his employer for safe keeping as it would be quite cumbersome to carry the bag to work everyday. This practice has given rise to a phrase in the English language. What phrase?

A. A bag is called a “Sac” in French. This is origin of the term getting the sack.

Q. The original settlers of the Pitcairn group of islands(Ducie, Henderson, Oeno and Pitcairn) were supposed to be the Polynesians. Some of the islands were discovered by a Portuguese sailor, while Pitcairn Island itself was discovered on July 3, 1767 by the crew of a British ship.
The island became a British colony in 1838. There has been a history of a flawed sex ratio on this island and there are allegations of a long history and tradition of sexual abuse of girls as young as 7, which culminated in 2004 in the charging of seven men living on Pitcairn, and another six now living abroad, with sex-related offences, including rape. On October 25, 2004, six men were convicted, including Steve _______, the island's mayor at the time. The British government has decided to set up a prison for only the island, and spend an annual budget of $950,000, after the six men lost their final appeal.
The question is how has this island been immortalised in literature?

A. Pitcairn Island is where the mutineers from the story “Mutiny on the HMS Bounty” are supposed to have settled. The mayor was called Steve Christian and is supposed to be a descendent of Fletcher Christian, the original mutineer.

Q. This was described by its “creator” as :
“It tells in poetic terms of a lady’s quest for spiritual perfection. She is a paradigm of Spencer’s Faerie Queen, Robert Graves’ White Goddess and every other Celtic heroine – the Lady of the Lake, Morgan Le Fay, Diana of the Fields Greene, Rhiannon”
Many people say that it was inspired by Spence’s “Magic Arts in Britain”. What?

A. Led Zepellin’s “Stairway to Heaven”

Q. What has just happened here ?

A. The assasination of Martin Luther King. You can see his body at the bottom and people pointing towards where the bullet came from

Q. This album cover is a tribute to which famous album cover?

A. The Rolling Stones " Stick Fingers" album cover which looks like this:

Q. What did this guy inspire in the world of comics?

A. Calvin's dad in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. This is Bill Watterson and he based the character upon himself!

Q. A Time magazine cover. Who is the artist and who is the subject?

A. Roy Lichtenstein's painting of Robert Kennedy

Q. ID the 2 gentlemen

A. Viktor Korchnoi and Anatoly Karpov

Q. What does the red line depict?

A. Captain Cook's voyage.