Monday, March 12, 2007

Notes from the first quiz

The first quiz got quite a wonderful response with around 40 people turning up at St.Francis. After a brief intro by the guys from JCI, Secunderabad who graciously sponsored the venue, Priyambad got the quiz underway with a round on Absolut ads. And quite fittingly, the first question was something that centred around trivia! With this being the World Cup season, the quiz was themed around the World Cup. Questions on popular culture flew thick and fast, the surprise of the quiz being that there were no questions on either James Bond or Quentin Tarantino(!!). The final round was a derailer, which saw Srinivas Majji getting a question on Film Noir of all things and Srini's team graciously giving Bhargava's team a question on Greek Myth to help them get onto the podium. The final standings were as follows:

1st: Chandu, Arjun and Nitish
2nd: Rahul Paul, Rahul, Shreedhar and Shri Nagesh
3rd: Bhargava,Debashish,Ajith and Vivek.

Oddysey Book store were kind enough to sponsor gift vouchers for the top 3 teams. All in all, a Sunday morning well spent :)

BTW, will be posting some questions from the quiz on the blog soon so watch out for that.

Also, the date for the next quiz has been finalised. The quiz will be on the 8th of April ( Sunday) and will be done by Diwakar Pingle and Bhargava. Hope to see you all there!


Unknown said...

"no questions on either James Bond or Quentin Tarantino(!!)"...absolutely. And the QM must be lauded for putting lots of India based questions (another rarity) and making a very well balanced quiz which had everyone interested. Super stuff, Priyamvad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for organizing this... now I at least have a reason to wake up early at least 1 sunday a month! Looking forward to improving my baselined performance next time :-)

Priyamvad - Really nice quiz - Thank you !!

Nitish said...

looking forward to seeing both of you at the next quiz.Spread the word!

S said...

Will be waiting for the questions!

Anonymous said...

Nitish - Malaysia F1 on April 8th, starting at 12:30.. Can we have an early start to the quiz so F1 fans don't miss any action??

Nitish said...

S: in a couple of days max!

hrishika: will try our best!