Thursday, April 12, 2007

Report on the quiz on 8th April

This sunday witnessed an excellent quiz done by Diwakar and Bhargava. Diwakar's questions were easily workoutable, while Bhargava's question bordered around things that had been in the news recently. Diwakar decided to hark back to the days of good ol' directs and pass questions which was different from the usual Infinite Bounce format. JK seemed to be in awesome form and cracked stuff left right and center.The standings were as follows:

1st: JK, Kanna Ramasubramanian and Praneet
2nd:Srinivas Majji, Ravi Mundoli, Rohit and Shikha Kumar
3rd :Uday,Akshat,Lalit and Nitish

The end of the quiz saw a serious reversal of sorts with Nitish, Uday,Akshat and Lalit coming from behind to tie for 3rd place with team comprising of Anil,Sumant and Srinagesh. The tie breaker saw them breaking the deadlock by indentifying a visual of Henry Luce on a Time magazine cover to sneak into 3rd place. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable quiz.
The next quiz has been scheduled for the 13th of May and will be done by Nitish.
Will be posting some questions from this quiz soon.

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Unknown said...

Hey, please post the questions of this quiz. Sadly, I couldn't make it. And inform about the next meeting.