Thursday, August 2, 2007

Report on the quiz on 22nd July

QM : Anil

A brilliant quiz with questions covering a whole wide range of topics.

Thumbs Up:

1. An incredible long visual connect on Hyderabadi restaurants
2. Some really well researched questions

Thumbs Down:

1. No Audio or Video questions.

The standings for the quiz were:

1. Ravi Mundoli,Subbareddy and Rishabh
2. JK, Sudhir and Debjit
3. Rahul Paul, Vivek and Devdas

The Mahaquizzer Ravi was in scintillating form and cracked questions left right and center. His team was in lead right from the word go and left the other teams fighting for the remaining 2 podium positions. Eventually JK and Rahul's team came from behind to upstage Nitish and Priyambad who were 2nd for quite a bit of the quiz, to take the 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

The next quiz is scheduled for the 19th of August at the same venue and will be done by Ravi Mundoli so for a change the top spot will also be open to all the teams.


Ludwig said...

This was definitely a fun quiz. For us, anyway :) One thing was that practically all the questions were memorable for being "workoutable".

I think we knew the answers only to 2 questions ("Night Watch", "vandals"), and pretty much derived everything else from the questions (especially "New Jersey Nets", "Prabhadevi", "Bada Imambara", "Sorbonne", "Rashomon", "Charing Cross" etc.)

Cool quiz, will be really hard to live up to!

Nitish said...

It was a fun quiz through and through. Macha, you were in the zone and hence the workouting was awesome :)

Will wait with bated breath for your quiz.