Thursday, September 6, 2007

Report on the quiz on 19th August

Posting on behalf of Priyambad

QM: Ravi Mundoli

Format: Infinite bounce with written themes in between.

Thumbs Up:
• Absolute Cracker of a Quiz
• No LVCs
• References to Pop culture icon Megatron :)
• Good crackable questions covering a lot of varied topics

Thumbs down:
• Nothing other than the fact that it beat the living daylights of many a quizzers in Hyderabad.

Memorable questions: Jonny socko and the giant robot,Taxi cab numbers,Biafra, Coat Of Arms Of George Martin, Mousetrap


1st: JK,Latheesh and Srini
2nd: Bhargava, Arvind and Raghu
3rd: Anil, Balaji and Rahul Girish Kumar

In a very close contest JK, Lateesh and Srini defeated Bhargava,Arvind and Raghu. A great performance by JK who came out with some amazing cracks followed by Bhargava in terms of inspired cracks. Anil and Team finished third with some very deep answers as well. Despite being a quiz on the tougher side majority of questions were cracked and credit goes to the quizmaster for the same. All in all Mahaquizzer stuff!

The next quiz has been scheduled for the 16th of September and will be done by Lateesh and Sudheer.

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