Monday, October 22, 2007

Report on the quiz on 14th October

QM: Rohit Chopra

Format: Infinite bounce with AV rounds in between.

QM Caveat: Pop culture quiz and pop culture quiz it was...

Thumbs Up:

• A question on Danny Trejo - Holy Cow - Cracked by urs truly :)
• Good crackable questions
• Ent, ent and ent :)
• Kiddo was all at sea

Thumbs down:

• Ent, ent and ent :(
• A round on Album covers
• A round on cover songs
• Kiddo was all at sea but still managed to win

Memorable moments/questions: Borat, Breath Analyser, Handcuffs, Danny Trejo(;), Bunker 13 – The bad sex award, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Some Frank Zappa Album cover - and yes Raghu cracked it.


1st: Sudhir and Kiddo
2nd: Priyambad,JK and Neerad
3rd: Raghu,Diwakar and Rahul

Sudhir and Kiddo comfortably defeated the team comprising Priyambad,JK and Neerad.The team of Raghu,Diwakar and Rahul finished third with some good answers as well. Despite being an out and out entertainment quiz, it had some nice general questions as well. Hope the future quizzes are more balanced.

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