Sunday, December 23, 2007

Report on the quiz on Dec 16

QM: Priyambad Pattanayak

Format: Infinite bounce with one written theme round and one written RG (relative grading) round.

Thumbs Up:

• Pat stepped out of his MELA/SPENT comfort zone and ventured into the natural sciences, history, language, cuisine, folk art and mythology
• Variety, variety, variety. Visuals, audios, videos, dry - room for everything
• An enjoyable, crackable quiz with a little something for everyone

Thumbs down:

• Some cribs about the quiz being a little too heavy on the Greek myth front were overheard. The QM's defence is that this was only in the written theme round, and not in general.
• Somewhat skewed points structure, especially in the theme and RG rounds. Contact Ravi M for a full explanation :-)
• Two Coco Chanel questions in the RG round?!!

Memorable moments/questions: Wong kar wai question, silver bullet funda,chau, trainspotting visuals funda


1st: Nitish, Dhaji, Archana, Latheesh
2nd: Diwakar, Sudhir Pai, Anil
3rd: Raghu, Bharath, Ravi M and one more person

A keenly contested quiz, with the teams that ended up on the podium alternately taking over the lead from each other. Ms. Coco Chanel gave Nitish & co. a surge, and unlike GWB's surges this one seemed to actually work. Pat was in full form, right from installing codecs which seem to have rendered my laptop useless (kidding!) to introducing Wong Kar-wai to the hapless quizzers of Hyd. Watch this space for the "Best of..." questions from "The Return of the Quiz".

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