Saturday, April 19, 2008


QM : Priyambad Pattayanayak and Nitish Khadiya

Format : Written prelims followed by a final for six teams
Finals - Infinite Bounce and one written round.

Winners : 1.Kiddo and Diwakar
2.JK and Vijay
3.Majji and Borax

Report : Those present at the vasavi audi on 6th april came to experience first hand what back with a bang meant.
After a couple of months in the wilderness HQC came back with a quiz that enthralled one and all. It is hard to find a specialist quiz that satisfies everyone but this came mighty close with questions on every facet of sport from polo to atari to origin of the word sport itself.
The prelims were very good bunch of workoutable questions mixed with some trivia and due diligence questions. The final that followed topped it by a mile, there were very few repeats and the quiz covered a wide range of sports and not just three or four.
Kiddo and Diwakar(who scored an incredible 20.5/25 in the prelim) raced into a lead early on and comfortably won the quiz and it always looked like a race for the second spot which was taken by the team of vijay and jk who came up with some memorable cracks.
The audience were kept interested throughout with new funda's in every question and the special written round were one had to recall one hit wonders like Helder postiga, Kanitkar and Pat Cash was particularly enjoyable.

On the whole a sunday morning well spent.

Thumbs Up:
1.Awesome questions.
2.No repeats.
3.Diwakar :-)

Thumbs Down:
1.Kiddo won again :-)
2.The hall was not great
3. the quiz was probably not advertised well enough.

Memorable questions:
Divot stomping, Augusta masters, Badminton, Superstars settling it in a WWE match, Atari and Go. I could go on.

On behalf of Praveen (Thanks a lot dude for the effort)

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Ludwig said...

Awesome quiz, it was. Never thought a sports quiz could be so much fun.

> 1.Kiddo won again :-)

You've got to stop putting this in the "Thumbs Down" list!