Monday, November 17, 2008

Questions from the quiz on Nov 9th

Questions from the delectable quiz that Lathish did:

1. This insect order consists of approximately 2,000 species worldwide in temperate and tropical habitats. Their name is often misspelled since they are notoriously predatory, they are in fact named after their typical stance. The name derives from the Greek word for “prophet” or “fortune teller”. In Europe, the name refers to only a single species, _______religiosa. Their closest relatives are the orders Isoptera (termites) and Blattodea (cockroaches). Which insects?

A: Preying/Praying mantis

2. Ancient Greek grammarian Dionysius Thrax is credited with their creation. An anonymous author of the 1733 book The English Accidence called them “the foundation upon which the beautiful fabric of the language stands.” John Stuart Mill felt they represented the universal categories of human thought. There was a lot of shuffling around until Joseph Priestley’s 1761 Rudiments of English Grammar finally estd. the baseball size line up. They have been generally accepted for the last quarter-millennium. What?

A: Parts of Speech

3. The origins of _____ date back at least to Roman times, to a game called paganica and reached Britain by 400AD (although the Chinese claim to have invented it by 2500 BC) It developed towards its modern form in Scotland where the first written reference comes in a decree which was actually released to encourage the royal sport of archery. It ran "futeball and ______ be utterly cryit doune and not usit." Its name is thought to have been derived from Dutch word for "club" or from an Old Scots word meaning "cuff" or "strike hard.“

A: Golf

4. What was the term coined by English romance novelist and screenwriter Elinor Glyn to describe actress Clara Bow as she appeared in a 1927 Hollywood silent film ?

A: The "It" Girl
5. The nickname of Martha _____ Canary (1852-1903) of Deadwood South Dakota. She behaved like a cowboy but was generally unlucky in nefarious activities and brought catastrophe on her associates. Eleven of her twelve husbands died untimely deaths. She dressed, swore and shot like a man eventually went into show business and threatened ‘_______’ to any man who offended her.

A: Calamity Jane

6: X was the elder son of Shantanu and Satyavati. He ascended the throne of Hastinapura, and was very successful which angered a Gandharva king of the same name. They fought an even matched duel before X was slain and Vichitravirya ascended the throne.
In another episode, Arjuna’s wanderings took him to ancient Manipur where he meets princess Y, the daughter of the king of Manipur and falls in love. According to the matrimonial customs of Manipur, the children born of Y were the heirs and were not allowed to be taken away. Arjuna agreed to this stipulation and finally wed the princess. X and Y?

A: X= Y = Chitrangada

7. DVD cover of which movie?

A: Zodiac

8: Who is behind the questions mark?

A: Salman Rushdie

9: Cover of what?

A: Modesty Blaise's first book

10 : Whose signing ?

A: Bruce Springsteen

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