Friday, December 19, 2008

Report on the HQC monthly quiz on 14th December

QM: Navneet Bal

Format: Teams of 2

Report: Navneet delivered a masterpiece of a quiz.

The attendence was low. While there are theories of pressing engagements and exams we blame it on the 'lazy Sunday morning' syndrome. The low attendence was however the perfect setting for a very serious and classic quiz by Navneet. As usual the quiz threw up a few new faces which again proved that as far as quizzing in Hyderabad is concerned, people needn't worry.

The quiz was divided into two infinite bounce rounds split by a breather. It was a fantastic quiz with a lot of questions on history, Geography, War, Sports and India.

Without being disrespectful to others a team consisting of Ravi and Praveen in a history, geography and war quiz was the team to beat. Despite a splendid performnace, Diwakar and Debjit fell short of beating the eventual winners. Team Priyambad and Afzaal finished a close third.

The venue as usual was provided by Innobox. A big thank you for them.

The quiz lasted almost two hours, and left the entire group thoroughly satisfied with having taken the effort to wake up and show up for the fantastic quiz. Thank you very much Navneet for a splendid quiz.

1. Ravi, Praveen, Satish
2. Diwakar, Debjit
3. Priyambad, Afzaal

Thumbs Up
1. Great questions
2. Navneet (Finally a question on Ijazat :) )
3. As usual the fantastic venue
4. The Hitchcock question and the Micheal Holding question

Thumbs Down
3. None actually

Team HQC’s Note
Our thanks to everyone who took time off on a lazy Sunday morning to attend.

The next quiz will be by Praveen and is scheduled for 11th January, 2008 (Sunday) at the same time and in the same place. As it is 'Odyssey Quiz' time, people can come with their own 3 member teams for the January Monthly.

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