Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Open quiz on 8th of February

The next quiz by HQC is on Sunday, the 8th of February.

Here are the details:

Quizmaster: Diwakar Pingle.

To borrow from Dharam paaji in Johnny Gaddaar, "It's not the age, it's the mileage." Like the pater familias he is, Diwakar has provoked feelings of fear, respect, admiration, and dare we say it, affection in the hearts and minds of quizzers across the peninsular and insular subcontinent for the better part of 2 decades. Many a callow lad has embarked on his quizzing career quivering in terror as the Ping's teammate, and having bashed on regardless through fire and brimstone, emerged on the other side as a fine quizzer and leader. Their experience is perhaps best described via General Freiherr Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg letter to Generalsfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel in July, 1944: "The recent battles in a theater of quizzing more exacting than any I had hitherto experienced have, in addition to providing me with my posting...and uniting me in purpose with yourself, wrought an inner change in me. Your quizzerly qualities and experience have transformed the temper of my obediance into something different and finer than the effort of will it had hitherto been. I feel I may ask you, Herr Field Marshal, to accept my thanks for the confidence you placed in me in those brief hard days of quizzing which we went through together..."

He has founded quizzing organizations in more than one city, helped foster and nourish them through a careful combination of carrot and stick (bludgeon, actually) and has set questions for some of the finest quizzes in recent memory. While he claims to specialize in sports, buisness, nature and science, ever so often he will whip out a completely uncharacteristic stunner of an answer involving wildebeest, Evil Kanievel (we don't even know how to spell it) and Raveena Tandon. Quite apart from quizzing, his sports mania now runs to running, and he has many half marathons under his belt (even if it doesn't show over the belt!).

Whew. What we're basically trying to say is that the man is ji heera hai heera. We hear he's doing a westward ho in a few months, and we will sorely miss his organizational skills and his ability to get us off our collective butts into doing something. Here's to you, old man; there's a reason why they say "Ping is King"!

Date: 8 February 2008, Sunday

Time: Please be at the venue by 10:30 a.m. for registration. Seating will be on a first come first served basis. The quiz will begin at 11:00 a.m. sharp.

Innobox Systems Pvt Ltd.
#G19, Ground Floor,
Swarnajayanthi Complex,
SR Nagar, Hyderabad -73
(see below for directions)

Format: Team quiz - Teams of 3 (or more) will be chosen from the participants at random.

Entry: A contribution of Rs. 25 per head.

Prizes: Gift vouchers worth Rs 1500/-

Directions: From Punjagutta, take the road that goes towards Ameerpet. Cross the Fantoosh-greenlands road junction. Keep going on the road till you see HUDA Complex- Maitrivanam on the RIGHT. Swarnajayanti Complex is the complex immediately after the HUDA complex on the RIGHT.

Contact: Nitish (98856 79460) and Ravi (94418 86489)

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