Saturday, July 23, 2011

We have become nicer!

Yes, with India all set to get a drubbing at Lords, Baba Ramdev no more running in drag on National Television and Anil Kapoor having been snubbed in the MI-4 trailer, the world is no more a nice place. We, however, are such nice people that we are going to do what no one else has done, ever before.

We are going to give away our rejects. Yes! The Greenko Open 2011 rejects and not old, expired questions. Fresh from the editing board and with much heartburn from the owners of the respective questions.

As the start of our benevolence, this Saturday Late Night Fever edition of five questions is just the beginning.

N.B: The questions are at various levels of rejection (We are shamelessly admitting that some may not have been researched enough and have been rejected outright before our stringent rounds of verification, which can put Credit Card companies to shame)

  1. The first one in Jun 2010 lasted 665 minutes. The second in Jun 2011, a mere 123 minutes. What are we talking about?
  2. The purchase of which famous painting in 1937 for $110,000 with funds from a trust fund for the Philadelphia Museum of Art by their major benefactor Joseph E. Widener was welcome by the editorial of "The Philadelphia Record" as "No less than 41,000 of the city's dwellings—one in every ten—are without bathtubs and One hundred and ten thousand dollars would buy bathtubs for nearly half of these bathtubless dwellings.''?
  3. They are a gotra (clan) of Jat, found in the eastern uplands of Sargodha and Gujrat districts, of Punjab, Pakistan. A small number are also found in Jhelum and Gujranwala districts. The most famous of them went by the name Dheedo but was immortalized as the gotra / clan name as part of an epic love story. Who?
  4. Identify the original movie and singer of the song remixed here:
  5. To whom is this Google doodle a tribute?

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Nikhil @ VIT said...

1. John Isner- Nicholas Mahut first round match in Wimbledon.
2. the painting "The Bathers" by Cezanne.
3.Ranjha is the clan.. the love story is "Heer-Ranjha.
4.singer-Mohammed rafi...Film-Kaala Bazaar.
5.Google doodle tribute to Gregor Mendel on his 189th bday on July 20th