Thursday, June 14, 2007

Report on the quiz on 10th June

QM: Mihir

Format: Infinite bounce with a special audio round.

Thumbs Up:

• Good crackable questions
• The questions covered a lot of varied topics
• Very good prelims questions
• Good balanced set of questions

Thumbs down:

• A lot of questions on Music (Two on album covers!!)
• Very few questions on India

Memorable questions:
The questions on “Animals”, St. Andrews golf course, Tofu, Drucker, Colaba, litmus and the Dynamos.

1st: Nitish and Ravi
2nd: Chandu and Rajsekhar
3rd: Rachit and Vivek

Nitish and Ravi comfortably won the quiz. A great debut by Chandu and Rajsekhar as the newbie team (no disrespect intended for the team) beat many celebrated teams to come second in turn beating another newbie team comprising Rachit and Vivek to the 3rd position. A majority of questions were crackable and credit goes to the quizmaster for setting a very balanced quiz.

The next quiz has been scheduled for the 22nd of July and will be done by Anil (Irevna).

Questions from this quiz will be posted soon.


Vivek Krishnan said...

@22nd july quiz.. where??


Vivek Krishnan said...

22nd july.. where?

Nitish said...

You should know by end of day today :)

Vivek Krishnan said...

still no clues

Nitish said...

There you go sir. The post is up. Your enthusiasm is really appreciated :)

Hope to see you on the 22nd.