Friday, June 29, 2007

Questions from the June Quiz

1. Connect the following - : “The Burial of the Dead”, “A Game of Chess”, “The Fire Sermon”, “Death by Water”, and “What the Thunder Said” ?

A. All parts of T.S. Eliot's " Wasteland"

2. His invention was subtitled “Ars artium omnium conservatrix” meaning “The Art Preservative of all the Arts”. Who and what invention?

A. Gutenberg and the Printing Press

3. The word is derived from the combination of the Old Norse word for “colour” and the name of a lichen growing in northern Europe. This lichen was used to dye wool and other textiles. This later found use in another specific application. Identify.

A. Litmus ( of Litmus Paper fame)

4. "I am happy to greet the geniuses who made me a born-again writer, having announced my retirement in 1978, I now have six books in the works and two probables, all through …..X"
Arthur C. Clarke made the above remarks on meeting Rubenstein and Barnaby.Identify “X”?

A. The typewriter

5. In the 16th century this word referred to “one taking part in dialectic exercises”. The later version of this word was a combination of the Greek words for “wise” and “foolish”. This was to signify the fact that the subjects have acquired some knowledge but still have a great deal yet to learn. Which word?

A Sophomore

6. This 19th century shop owner in Paris discovered that the timbre of a tone is produced not by the type or material of wall which surrounds a column of air but by the proportion given to that column. Using this basic concept, he came up with an enduring invention which he patented in the year 1846. Who is he and what was his invention?

A. Adolph Sax the inventor of the Saxophone

7. Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party commanded by Alistair Denniston arrived at a housing site owned by property developer Captain Hubert Faulkner in August 1939. The site was originally owned by a wealthy London financier Sir Herbert Samuel Leon. What happened here in the next couple of years proved to be historical. Identify the place and what happened here?

A. Bletchley Park-The Enigma Coding Machine was cracked here during WW2

8. The upper part of this column is so highly finished that it is sometimes mistaken as Bronze. This maybe because of embedded sand or Ferric Oxide. Scientists claim that other factors responsible for its unique properties are a high phosphorous content, excellent forge welding, cinder coating and pancake forging. What?

A. Iron Pillar at Mehrauli

9. Who is this guy?

A. Adi Dassler

10. Band backstage after recording one of the Greatest Live Albums of all time. Name Band and Album

A. The Allman Brothers Band and the album was Live at Filimore East.

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